Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Weigh in

So I did my weigh in today and I was 219.4, up from 216 last week. In trying to find a redeeming quality in my pounds, I looked at my body fat, which has decreased by .5% since the last time I measured it, and my muscle mass which has increased by 2 pounds or .1% (depending on how you figure it, fitbit wants it in pounds and MFP I just do the percentage on the scale) I did think about what someone said about it sneaking up on me b/c of bad habits and I honestly don't think that's it. I do think that it could be that I"m just eating out way too much and since I'm sensitive to sodium it's made me retain extra water. I feel puffy, but my 216 clothes are still fitting great. So, more water (that seemed to help when I was eating out a lot) and get to the grocery store to buy more food...we've been kind of "out" for awhile. The way my body goes, I may be back down to 216 on Monday, but I'd like to be lower than that.  I also wonder if my body just gets "worked up" and hangs on to the fat when I'm not eating enough.  Last weekend was pretty dramatic exercise, but not a lot of calorie intake. I have been coming home from rides lighter than when I left, but I know I didn't drink enough water last weekend because I was in such a hurry on the trail and didn't want to stop to use the bathroom. And it was cool, so I wasn't as thirsty.
Onward and Upward I other choice.

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