Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday ride

I may get to town later to actually send this though as late as it is
its highly doubtful.

Today was ok. Liberty was awesome and almost completed soe really
tricky obstacles. One has us turn on the fore to straddle a log and
then side pass the log to the end and then complete a turn on the
haunch to come off the log. The turn on the fore was great as was the
side pass but he didn't quite do a turn on the haunch. We had a
dismount onto a rock and then remount, both on the offside ninety was
great but I underestimated the slope of the hill so I almost made a
really bad mount. I also slid off the rock instead of landing squarely
on it so not sure what that will cost me. The last obstacle had us
backing our horses between two logs in hand and then laterally side
passing over the second log. Liberty did a decent job but not perfect
I'm sure. The judges were also seen in another spot but we aren't sure
what they were looking for.

Liberty is doing well. Two p&r's were 9 and 2 and one was 12 and 2. We
had a problem being too slow and had to really rush in. Liberty was up
for the challenge and moved well. Fortunately we had some wait time
and that saved us from being late thank goodness. I would lose all
chance of my out of state first or second if I were late. We missed a
turn at one point and went up Big John's the wrong way and had to come
back down. That was frustrating.

It's been so cold today. I am happy it's not 94 but so wish I had
comfy trailer to sleep. I need a Lakota, which is a bumper pull lq.
This is one reason I'm working so hard to pay things off. I need a
comfy 'house'.

Alice Yovich MA, MT-BC, LMT

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