Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Family comes from the most interesting places

I have been blessed for almost a week now with the pleasure of the company of my friend Jan Lear. She has become part of the family. She is concerned from time to time that she stayed too long but Mike and I both tell her that her company has been wonderful. I did not realize how much my soul craved a good horsey friend. Of course, Michael is perfect but a girlfriend is different. 

Whether it's good or not, I think that Jan and I look at the world much the same. She has the wisdom to actually do some of the things I think about doing. And I plan to follow suit and not wait so long to do these things myself.  She tells people like it is but kindly. She sticks up for herself. These are all things that I wish I did better. Jan was the caregiver for a long time and now she is on a trek.   She finished out her horse trailer and she is traveling for the next couple months. I invited her to come as we were on her way sort of. I figured this way she could make sure she had all her ducks in a row before she truly headed out into the wild West.   I have ridden horses more than I have in the past six months. Part of that is because I broke my arm a month ago but part of it is because Michael has had a Stubborn foot infection   And just hasn't been able to ride. I have piddled  a little around here and with my borrowed 10-year-old from church but I haven't gotten the hours of saddle time that I usually crave. 

 Since Jan has been here I have had company sometimes that I might not have as has Mike.  Jan is very self-sufficient. Sometimes I cook sometimes we snack sometimes we go out. There is almost always wine. Who am I kidding, there has always been wine.   When I'm at work she is here doing what she needs to do with her horse or hanging out with Michael who seems to enjoy the company. The only bad part has been that my dog, Patti, has somehow decided that her dog, diva,  is not her best friend. 

 Saturday we road at Waco with my friend Silke.   Monday we rode around the place and she played with her saddle some.  Yesterday I worked and she played with her horse and saddle some more. Today we met Silke and her husband and road at the ranch where he works and it was just lovely.   I feel like I am forming my own little horse community here and it is so nice. Course the horses may get tired of being ridden so much but so far they seem pretty happy about it. Today she rode liberty to try out my specialized saddle and I rode Joe Bob. On Monday I rode Vandy who have been kind of on the back burner.

Mike says he finds that I have a new level of joy and I think he's right. I have grown used to solitude and I'm actually quite ok on my own or seeing no one but michael for days and days. But this is fun. Having company come and finding my circle of horsey friends is so far n. I have gotten bad about feeling like I need to work all the time. Now I'm back to having fun. 

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