Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Maggie is on break now and I'm still working. My work ethic is in the toilet! I'm taking off next week, but I still have to get through this week. I'm seriously tired today from getting up early to take Cat's son to the airport. Her purse was stolen and she couldn't check him in and his flight left at 6:45...only we missed it b/c we waited in the wrong line 2 times (and then they told us we couldn't check in a minor in either of those lines) He got on the 7:25 flight by just a hair...we went to breakfast and now I'm home.

My computer is ill. I'm on Peter's. Some of the drivers started malfunctioning and now the wireless part doesn't work. Peter took it to work to fix it but I don't know if he'll have time or not.

The weather is beautiful and I want to be outside riding...

My dad is coming for the Cotton Bowl, which is fun, but makes more busyness too. I was looking forward to a real vacation break with lots of sitting around, but now I'll be cleaning and entertaining. I'm thinking of taking off two weeks instead of just one, or only seeing a few clients the week after Christmas. I really need a break. I feel like I'm so busy.

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