Monday, December 10, 2007

In case anyone is wondering...

...where Alice is. Well, all I can say is that Maggie and I have finally succeeded into sucking her into the world of computer gaming. Yes, that is right, computer gaming. Most nights you will now find Alice camped on our nice new couch playing with her Sims(*). It is rather funny in that I am the one to go to sleep most evenings before her.

What is really fun is watching her 'yell' at her computer because her digital teenager will not do their homework. It is almost like a soap opera listening to her talk about what her Sim did this day. *grin*

I am sure Alice will probably return to her normal blogging frequency once she gets tired of the game, but for now she is having fun playing with her digital family.


(*)For those of you who do not know Sims 2 is a game where you can create people, any age child through elder, and guide them through life from getting a job to getting married to getting old and everything in between

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