Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing Catch up

Today was a weird day. I woke up late, missed some appointments and then went to the eye doctor where I found out that I have a weird eye problem that is interfering with my contacts. Something about the oil glands in my eyes over producing and causing irritation. I'm switching types of lenses, ordered new glasses and will be good for the year it takes me to save up for Lasik!

I saw one out of 5 clients today...not a good ratio for my day. I think I can get at least one of them rescheduled. The other two, I'm not sure about. My bad...some days are like that. I wish I were more upset about it, but I had so much to do and the eye doctor took so long.

It's the Christmas holiday-itis getting to me I think. I want to do some sewing and it's just not happening. All sewn items will get to people directly after the holidays and it will just have to be OK. I want to do better, but yet, I know my limitations.

Tomorrow I go to Springtown and makeup for the week I missed when I lost my car keys.

I've been so swamped, I thought I had posted about the Simms myself...I didn't realize Peter had done it for me.

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