Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Sunday/Successful Supreme Trail Challenge

It's after 4pm and I am happily enjoying a lazy Sunday. We haven't had a lazy day like this in ages. Peter's computer had an issue last week and we haven't had the cash to fix it, so we're sharing our laptops and watching TV. It's been a nice quiet day. He took care of us this am by going to the store (yikes that was expensive!) and we've been watching food network ever since.

Speaking of watching TV...Peter and I are close to dumping our dish. It's risen to $70/month. As much as I hate to do that, I think I would rather have free TV with an antenna and increase my netflix account to 4 at a time. There is very little I can't see that I want to see. I can buy DVD's on ebay...I just think about how much money it is every month and wonder if we really need to bother with it. I'm sure the answer is no. We can watch TV on our computer...

Speaking of which: I heard on Clark Howard the other night that some of the cable internet companies are starting to charge for people who watch TV on the internet since they are also cable TV providers adn they want to recoup their lost investment. That made me really, really mad! And with the advent of digital age, you have to buy a converter box to watch free TV...I don't want to have to have cable. I want it to be something I have b/c I want it.

Yesterday Maggie and I attended the 2nd Supreme Trail Challenge. We had a great time, though maggie had to pull b/c Freeley was lame at the 2nd P&R. Liberty was fantastic and did the last 7 miles alone. I was really proud of him.

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