Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall CTR schedule

I thought I should post this separate because it's going to be long and horsey related...

Maggie and I competed in 2 NATRC rides this fall. I hadn't planned to do any since we hadn't really competed much this year, but I found out that if the horse was in three rides and the rider was in three rides that they would have points that added up for them even though they only did 2 rides together and weren't eligible for a team score. I had previously thought they had to have three rides together to qualify for any awards at all.

Maggie and I completed the Benefit ride the beginning of October. We had a great time and Maggie received a 2nd in Horse and 3rd in Horsemanship and Liberty and I both got fourth. He did really well and only lost 4 points...mostly due to me changing bits and making him uncomfortable.

Two weeks later (last weekend) we went to Horsemasters where Dixie won in Horse and Maggie got second in Horsemanship. Liberty and I did not place, but we had good scores and I was mostly pleased...considering he tossed my butt before we timed out and almost lost me again later. The weather was perfect and Peter took lots of great photos. , which he is still going through. One of Liberty and me is below.

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