Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weird Day/quick update

It's been an odd day of running and running and not accomplishing much. I took Maggie and Jena over to Alexa's this am to help her paint and they ended up staying there all day. Tomorrow I will head over with clothes and we'll all go to church.

I had planned to ride, but trimmed feet instead and reorganized my stuff for next weekend.

I helped Cat sell her trailer, for which I earned $100. I hated to take her money but she insisted and I know I can use will help pay for the ride next weekend and I can send another $100 to Maggie's saddle. It looked really empty to have her trailer gone and the tack trailer is now really crowded. I have to get a shed of some kind.

Friday Dr. Lampe came and did all the yearly stuff. Fiera has her own coggins now. She was awful for him! Deli is on some stuff that is Legend and Adequan combined and I have to give her an IV shot for the next four weeks, but it might help her ringbone.

Last weekend we placed really well in a large class. i was shocked. I got fourth and he got fourth. I knew he had been a good boy, but I never dreamed. I would have done better I think but I cost us points with changing his bit. Maggie got third and Dixie placed second, so she was pleased too. We have lots to practice...

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