Saturday, October 25, 2008

Frankie is still here

Well, an amazing thing happened today...We had to go out to the Flint Fall Festival and I hated to leave him locked in a tiny crate in the house all day long. So, I had the bright idea to take the portable kennel outside and leave him in it in the backyard since it had four sides and he wouldn't be able to escape...

well, he did escape...only he didn't leave. Frankie dug a whole in the yard and got out through the smallish square at the bottom of the crate, but he didn't leave our yard. He didn't jump over the short fence where he could have, and he didn't dig out of the back yard when he normally would. I was amazed! He is currently curled up at my feet. Of course, this means I still don't have a reliable way to contain him, unless I put the crate in the garage, but it's nice to know he really does want to be here with us!

I took Dixie over to the Flint Fall Festival today. It was the most popular event with the longest line...I'm very tired. I made endless circles. My feet are killing me. I think Frankie and I will have to get in shape together.

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