Friday, June 25, 2010

Maggie's return

I was eagerly awaiting Maggie's return at 6:10 pm tonight. We were going to go to dinner and go visit the horses and chill out together. Now it appears her flight won't get in till 10:05 and then she won't be home till close till 11.  The only good part of her delay is that i'm getting all my paperwork for the week done before she and Peter get home. 

Howie, the puppy, is playing at my feet and I'm watching an episode of Julie Goodnight on  RFDTV. She's handling a rude yearling, and I'm getting some ideas of how to work with Fiera.  This yearling is huge! Bigger than Fiera is at 2. It's pretty incredible.

Speaking of Fiera: Tomorrow we're taking her to Sprite's for the week while we go on vacation.  She will be well taken care of and I won't have to get any mid-week surprises that she has jumped out.

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