Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bar 50

Maggie and my friend Karen have gone to Hot Spring National Park to take photos and look around. I could have gone but I am really enjoying the opportunity to do nothing.

Karen got here yesterday in a terrible rain storm and we spent the evening just hanging out. This am we saddled up the horses and went for a short ride. Karen hasn't ridden much in a few years so I knew we'd not go out for long. It was pleasant and cool this morning so I knew it would be easy on Tonka. She is really getting the hang of basic trailriding. She is going up and down well and we have sticking to flat easy trails so she doesn't have to work too hard. She is drinking and eating well both on and off trail. Her breathing comes fast so we atop a lot to give her plenty of rest.

Dixie hadn't been on trail yet and was pleased to get out. She always led the pack on all the trails. Liberty is happy to go anywhere and is having a grand time

Tomorrow we will skip riding and get massages in Hot Springs. Karen will go home on Thursday and Maggie and I will get two long rides in on Friday and Saturday and probably not ride Tonka again until a short ride Saturday before we leave. She has just been amazing so far. She seems to really like the riding.

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