Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back on Track

Peter and I had the best day today. we went to church and then took care of some errands. Then we went to the movies and saw the movie Red and had lunch at the movie grill. I highly recommend the movie! Then I came home and I have been working to find a new  pattern to put on the six O shirts. I thought I had found the perfect one, but it turned out to take over an hour to stitch out.  So, I found something much simpler, though not as pretty, that will work and I'll start working on those this evening.

Peter has been fixing the back fence.  It has been falling apart for ages, but now it's finally going to be safe for all dogs, except maybe Frankie. It's next to impossible to keep him in.

Now I'm done with working and I'm going to watch TV with Peter. I'm finishing up a disc of True Blood.  Then we'll watch something that Peter wants to watch. I think I'll crochet or play with my sims...But I will take it easy. i have some bags to sew up and string, but I think I just want to enjoy relaxing.

I think that I will start working with RJ this week.  Peter looked at him today and agreed that he'd be a good size for him...if he rode. Of course, I'm always fantasizing that he will if we found the right horse for him.

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