Saturday, November 20, 2010

A perfect day

Maggie and I had the best day today. We slept late, ate breakfast out, and then rode at Benbrook Trails with Amy Crane and her mom.  On the way to the trails Maggie and I sang with our Wicked songs on the radio.  When we got to the trails, Amy and her mom had already ridden part of the trails and then we met up. We kept it to a walk since Amy's mom was riding Amy's horse Lexie and she is just getting back into riding.  And Liberty was on his first ride back after his long lay off.  He felt great and moved out well.  On the way back, Lexie became very excited and Maggie swapped horses with Amy's mom. Later, Maggie commented that she was proud that she had a horse in Dixie who could be trusted to be ridden by a rider unfamiliar with her.  She was also proud of herself that hopping on a horse she'd never ridden and feeling comfortable taking off at a trot was no problem for her. I admit that I was pretty proud of her myself.  We ended the day with our favorite pizza and a Bones marathon.  I have been working on my embroidery ever since.

Tomorrow should be another great day.  We have church in the morning and then a brunch out at a new restaurant and then seeing Harry Potter at 1:45. peter has complained in the past that he doesn't get to see enough of us, so I'm trying to make sure that he gets his fill.  :-) 

Hopefully there will be some time tomorrow to ride just a bit in the pasture as well, since Liberty appears to be back and ready for work. I have to gush over my boy a bit.  He was wonderful today. He handled as though he'd never been off work. He was trucking along at a nice quiet pace. he trotted when asked, walked when asked, stopped and backed when asked...well, his side pass was a little rusty, but he was just great.  I am not sure he'll ever make a TTC horse, but I don't think I care.

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