Monday, November 1, 2010

Playing Catch up

Scooby got a clean bill of health...well, as clean as it can be anyway.  He has a tumor that could be removed, but it can cause problems having it removed as well.  They xrayed his lungs to see if he had any tumor spread to his lungs, which it hasn't.  So, we decided not to do anything to it for now, but just to leave it alone.  and I will probably just have to put him to sleep if he gets really bad.  I hate to do it, but I can't see spending hundreds of dollars on the old dog who might not recover anyway.

Joe Bear is kind of flagging on us also. He's eating less consistently and his weight isn't good. Maggie is starting to accept that he just not going to be with us forever.  Poor old guy. As long as he's not hurting and he's eating, I'll probably keep feeding him, but I've started to notice on the cold mornings that he has more trouble now and I suspect that when winter comes it will be the end. Up to now the summers have always been the hardest for him. Since the winters are now also looking hard, it's time for him to go to Rainbow bridge.

I found out yesterday that the 17 year old daughter of an endurance riding family died in a car wreck. I don't know the family personally, only from facebook and email, but her death has really hit me hard. It's made me remember again just how precious life is and how quickly it can all go away. 

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