Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My boring life

I'm sitting here working on embroidery for the upcoming CTR that I'm secretary for. I still have bags to string, a pillow to make and then Christmas presents to start on...then I have to start contemplating designing my shirts for my own CTR in the spring and getting those embroidered as well. I have a design picked out, I just have to stitch them out. I'll order about 36 shirts...I'm giving them to my key workers and the other 20 will be for sale. I won't put a year on them so that if they don't sell this year, I can sell them in 2012-assuming I live to fight another day, lol (I expect everything to go smoothly)

Every other Tuesday Peter games with his friends.  I usually really enjoy coming home on Tuesday evening and being home alone. I eat wings, watch girl TV or movies, sew, chat on the phone, or just read a book. But I'm unhampered by anyone else's desires or noise.  But tonight I would really have liked to have had someone to have fun with.  I'm missing having someone to run around with, hang out with, etc.  I mostly have grown very used to being on my own more and independent, but tonight, I would have loved to have had a girlfriend.  My former run around friend has no room in her existence for anything except boyfriend and Faire...I don't even ask anymore as i know I'll just be met with a wave of excuses from "I'm broke" to "I'm tired" to "I don't have time"  All of which really mean "I don't want to"  I have accepted that this friend and I share a memory of good, past friendship, with resemblance of current friendship.  We remain friendly, but we are not friends. Our interests have diverged. I know it happens...but I still miss the comfort of the friend I could call 5 times per day just to talk about nothing.  And, our value systems were never the same. This was always bound to happen.

Peter has been wanting a keurig coffee maker, so that's what he gave us as a family Christmas gift. Only, we didn't wait till Christmas. Since we're expecting our first cold snap of the year, he bought it yesterday when he went shopping. Only problem is that I want coffee and it's 9:30, so that's out b/c I don't have any decaf :-( It makes really great coffee. I'm thinking with this coffee maker and some tasty coffee mate...I may be able to avoid starbucks altogether.

I used my birthday money my dad has sent me to buy myself a 19 inch TV/DVD combo for my office/dining room. I took over the dining room in april after we redid the living room. I had been using a large card table as a desk, but I decided I would rather have a real table. I had been about to go to salvation army, but remembered we had a table in the garage. So, today, Peter brought it in for me and now we have a table in the front room again. I will still use it as a desk and sewing table, but now we have a real place to eat supper too, which is nice. I'm looking forward to getting the embroidery machine off this cramped little desk in the living room. The TV is kind of small, but for an extra, listen to the TV while cooking, TV and a TV to watch while sewing it's perfect.
I have a friend coming from East TX to celebrate Thanksgiving.  She is recently divorced and this is the kids' first Thanksgiving to be shared by their dad, so she didn't want to be alone. She's going to bring her horse and we're going to go riding on Friday (just in time for it to be cold) She was supposed to stay the whole weekend, but remembered that she had a scouting thing she had volunteered for, so now she has to leave early. I'm bummed. She is also my secretary for the Girl Scout Scamper, so we'll spend at least part of Thursday going over all the stuff she'll do before the ride so that we can be up to speed. I figure I can use the help making the labels and packets up anyway and she can learn what will have to be done, so it's a win/win for everyone.

Back to sewing...time to change the thread.

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