Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Christmas

I am blessed this holiday with clients in town so work hours are uninterrupted which will mean uninterrupted paychecks in January. As much as I would like a break I know that money is a far better thing now that I have gotten really serious about debt reduction and budgeting. I'm not really sure why I have chosen 2010 and 2011 to buckle down and grow up but I admit that it feels really good.

Christa was here over the weekend. We went to the Bluebonnet rescue Christmas party and she bought Maggie's old bunk bed for her daughter, Maggie's friend, Michaela. She also picked up some dynamite products I had ordered for her. We went riding yesterday which was great fun. Then I got up early to see her off and start seeing clients. I have three days of work but then Thursday is pretty free but I suspect I will spend it making last minute gifts.

I'm happy our holidays are laid back and relaxed. Life has been so busy it's been so nice.

Alice Yovich
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