Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eventful Day

Maggie and I had lunch with Peter today and then I picked up a horse for Bluebonnet Human society. His name is Pockets (and I didn't get a photo)  and he's a little Arab cross. he's really little. He's 7 and he is smaller than Dixie.  In fact, he's smaller than Fiera too.  His owner had to send him back to rescue because he lost the place he was boarding. He was sweet though, and hopped in the trailer with only a little hesitation. Rode home fine, turned around and jumped out head first.  I put him in my arena and he's eating hay and the little bit of grass. He'll stay here till Friday next week, when I will take him to Jennifer William's house. She's the head of Bluebonnet and my path to LaGrange just happens to take me right by her house. 

I'm taking RJ back too and swapping him for another foster horse. RJ isn't going to be a distance horse and I don't think I'm the right person to train him. He's a very nice horse, very sweet and has been just a doll. Fiera will miss him as they play like crazy.  he doesn't have the conformation for distance...and he bucked off Maggie when we finally decided to mount him. Thought he was ready, but I guess NOT.  He's just young and to me Fiera, at 2.5 is more mature in many ways than he is at 3.  He's such a sweetie though and will make someone a great horse. 

The horse they are sending me is named Olympus. He's an Arab and they think he will make a great endurance prospect. So we can get him on trails and get him in front of some folks and hopefully get him adopted. I think Olympus is on the front page of Bluebonnet's website right now. He's really cute. I will definitely miss RJ, but this is for the best. RJ's gaits should make him a lovely dressage horse.

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