Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the new year

I'm at home watching It's complicated and laughing a lot. Maggie has gone to a friends and I should be working on my Scamper prizes (well, I did for awhile) but I decided to spend one more night being lazy watching movies, playing Sims 3 before I have to really buckle down and get serious about my plans again.

I had a lesson with Shea today. I rode Liberty and he really softened up nicely. She helped me to get him to bend both directions and he's learning to come back more softly to me.  At one point there was a bit of excitement in the pasture and I got off and worked with him from the ground which was nice as well. He was a really good boy today and learned to stay in the moment longer and longer.

She also worked with Dixie who had a Cranio Sacral treatment. Her back looked a lot better after the treatment and she seemed more relaxed and comfortable. she has to have 24 hours off and we'll see what we have tomorrow.

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