Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stress and unrest

I'm a grown up now, according to my friend Alanna. Somehow, I have recently become a grownup and I have lost the ability to just rest and chill out without thinking of the million other things I should be doing. I have decided that I do not like being a grown up. 

I did finally manage to relax a little. I popped popcorn and now I think I will drink some decaf coffee.

Today was so busy and I'm tired. I had a client cancel with an illness and it was a blessing not to have to go an extra place. I needed the evening to just sit and enjoy the silence. Peter is gaming and I am home with the dogs enjoying the evening. I only watched one hour of TV and then turned it off. I just wasn't that excited by the noise. I have been researching Angelman's syndrome as a I have a client with this syndrome and I'm trying to learn things I can do to better serve him. 

Tomorrow I think I will get back to working on Christmas presents and getting the rest of the ride report finished. 

I called Sandra and talked to her this morning.  She urged me to come to the clinic in January. She let me know that she expected us to come and have it and if she couldn't be there, we'd all know that she wanted to be and was with us in spirit.  Of course, she is rallying. She might be here still, though it's not expected.  Peter sent a large photo of her with Sassy from Pole Canyon Ranch.   They were such a pair. Betsy said it wasn't the same riding the TTC's without her this year after her car wreck. It would have been a big race for the overall TTC winner that Betsy eventually won.  Betsy had been planning on a rematch that will now not happen.  I suspect that a lot of my emotional unbalance is caused by sadness over Sandra.  Losing her is profound and I only knew her a couple years. I can't imagine what her long time friends and family are going through.

The ride went well for all concerned I do believe. Maggie had more fun than she has ever had. She is making a good group of girlfriends that she rides with and plays with. My heart swells with joy that she is making these bonds of friendship. 

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