Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at the ranch

I have been thinking all day about what I wanted to write and the truth is that I am too tired to put a coherent string of words together and tomorrow is going to be a long and busy day. It was fun to work with Alanna and Liz. I live the ride and while I did miss competing I liked knowing I could help it to run smoothly. I'm starting to feel like I might just be a good manager in the spring for Scamper.

The biggest mark on the weekend was the fuel pump going out on my truck but even that has a silver lining. Turns out the back fence was bad after the gas company put up their diagonal fence and without the breakdown fiera would have been turned out to possibly escape. The Lord looks out for us. I'm so grateful to my friends for helping me. I only hope I can be there for them. I am also grateful to my husband for driving to Alvarado to meet us and drive us home so Maggie and I didn't have to cram into the row truck.

Great fun was had by all. We had an adventure. Alanna says that an adventure is something more fun to talk about later than to experience.

Goodnight to all. I'm tired.

Alice Yovich
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