Monday, June 27, 2011

Fiera's first ride

Last Thursday and Friday annette griffin and I got together to ride at Trace Trails. Annette is a rather recent region 4 transplant from Iowa and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. She had a green horse to ride as did I, so we both brought experienced horses and greenies. Thursday evening I saddled up Fiera (who is Deli's daughter from Larry's stallion Phantom Shiek aka Repo) and rode her for 20 minutes on the trail. Annette accompanied us with her experienced horse. We have, of course, been preparing for this day at home. She has been very laid back and lazy so I wanted to get he out and see where we were.

First thing we were met by a mob of deer. She was really tense and I hopped off which proved to be a good move. When I hit the ground the deer took off spooking Fiera. She came to my rein easily and I brought her back to me. She was no worse for the wear and settles quickly. I remounted and she took off at a nice walk in the lead. She was snotty and scooted under me a few times but each time came back to my cues. She also followed nicely and didn't rush to catch up to Annette's fast walking horse.

In the end we rode through the woods and back to camp. Liberty called the whole time and Fiera never made one peep. She was nervous, but sensible. I was alert but not afraid. It was a success.

I need to work on a few things now. She is not light in the bridle and she pulls on me a little when she is moving forward. She doesn't move her butt over as well as I'd like. She won't go near water under saddle. But these things will come.

After taking her out I rode liberty until dark. Then we sat around and chatted and ate. It was her horse, Bella's first time out since she was injured at scamper in March. It was the easiest camping i have ever done. I opened the back door of my suburban and just slept.

The next morning Annette had this cool coffee pot to go over her stove that worked like a mr coffee. Somehow, when the water heated it went through the top filter and made coffee.

On Friday we took her new horse, Tally, out with liberty. We had a great ride of about 6-7 slow miles. It never got too hot. Then we took the horses swimming in the pond. I almost came off once over Liberty's nemesis: birds. Be didn't spook at the deer or the pigs. Silly old pony.

The weather was pleasant there and the trails mostly shaded. I don't think either Annette nor myself wanted to leave.

Alice Yovich
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