Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exercise and thoughts on Exercise

Wednesday is my day off from exercise. I intentionally don't work out on Wednesday morning because I can usually sleep in a bit and I have a busy day of work. However, the last two Wednesdays I have actually wanted to work out.  I was thinking of doing my workout tonight, but I went riding instead. By riding, I actually feel pretty good that I got some exercise in my day.  The better I get in shape, the more I realize how weak and out of shape I am. Tomorrow is a running and weight day and I'm hoping that we will get to Yoga class at 4:30 tomorrow as well. I need to have some flexibility work with the aerobics and weights. I went to Pilates last night and found that I'm pitiful in the core strength department. One of the books I read said I should aim for one sport of the three found in Triathlon for the first month. so that means running, swimming or biking each day, but not more than one in a day. When I get to week five of running, I will have to start doing biking and swimming on the same day. then after another month, I guess I have to work up to doing all three some days.  I really want to get in shape and do this thing, but I'm realizing how far I have to go!

Liberty did something naughty tonight, but it didn't frighten me. I was riding him in the field, which is not his best thing in the world to do anything, and we were doing the most beautiful canter.  Then he got mad (cause he wanted to go back to the herd) and felt like he was going to buck, so I pulled up his head. I guess I pulled up a little too hard, or pissed him off, but he went up. Maggie said it looked really pretty.  He came down again and just stood there. I think he was as shocked as I was. I immediately rode him off in another circle and made him work a lot harder than he had been.  It never happened again and he was a model citizen.  We also did a ton of obstacle work tonight and he was amazingly great! He was very responsive and fun to work with.  The canter departs are getting so smooth.

Maggie was funny. Olympus was just adorable, as usual, and she told him she didn't want to like him so much, but she just couldn't help herself.  when helping with the bluebonnet envelope stuffing on Saturday we found out that there were two O horses from that rescue...Olympus and Oliver. Oly, was supposed to have been Oliver, which would have fit him, but they mixed him up and another horse because Oliver. It explains why we have always felt like he was really an Oliver...and why we usually call him Oliver.

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