Saturday, April 7, 2012

Most productive day of my life

Only God could have helped me get everything done that I did today. I was totally swamped with work. Inlaid bills and then headed to my horse pasture to do stuff. There I cleaned out the traile, trimmed 1.5 horses, rode my filly, fixed the fence the filly broke after I tried to out her away and chased everyone out to the pasture where they belong.

Then I went to the grocery store to bring home food for the inferno plan that starts Monday. The inferno plan is intense exercise and low calories for 5 days. I will restart my turbo fire challenge on April 16 since this week has been a disaster in the eating and exercising department.

I digress for a movement to talk about my wretched foot. I saw a massage therapist yesterday who specializes I trigger point. He says the problem is up in my psoas and not my foot. My foot is just the end result of the pain. He spotted right away that I walk with my left foot turned out. I have since the 6th grade when I had that bad sprain and it never was quite the same again. I ride with that hip/ankle turned out too. So maybe I can get all that fixed with some hard work. I have exercises to do and my lower back has been on fire. My foot is hanging there but it still hurts...even after being injected Wednesday. The guy yesterday recommends going barefoot and the five finger shoes to strengthen the foot structures. The podiatrist says I need orthotics. I don't care who's right, I just want the pain to stop.

Anyway, back to today...

Then I came home and made a yummy squash soup over the course of the evening, moved furniture to prepare the front room to be the living room, made dinner and did embroidery for Alanna's ride. If I could have done more today I'm not sure what it would have been.

Tomorrow will be equally busy. I will work with the student I have been helping with a project, do more embroidery and finalize my taxes. Hopefully I will also ride liberty. If I can catch him. That root head is being really bad about running. I think, somehow, he knows my foot hurts and I can't chase him. Turkey. And how does Fiera do so awesome I want to keep her forever and then turn around and bust the fence before I can turn it on. Of course, it's not doing much good turned on right fence charger is toast. Time to buy a new one.

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