Tuesday, April 17, 2012

random thoughts

The battle in my sore feet may have gotten the one/two punch today. I got some new shoes today at the new balance store and my feet barely hurt! They are running shoes, but they have the same base as their really popular walking shoe. They just look a lot better. I'm not a serious shoe snob, but those walking shoes were ugly and heavy. So i Have been wearing my new shoes all day and my feet feel great. I got a special insole too that is really soft. Unfortunately by the time I bought the shoes and insoles, a couple pairs of socks and a sports bra, I spent $200. Sports bras aren't cheap! Anyway, it's cheaper than a set of orthotics. My chiropractor also has some shoes that are sandals that he's getting in that I will probably buy for just running around. He has thong sandals, but I like sliders better. 

We leave for Pole canyon thursday. I'm so psyched. I get to  compete this year!  I have been the secretary both other years.  Liberty is ready to kick some butt I think. peter is going with us and taking photos.

I just had a bunch of things to write, but I'm so tired they have gone out my head. I'm wrapping it up and going to bed.

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