Monday, June 25, 2012

Fiera grows up

I had my first extended ride on Fiera last week and she gets mixed reviews. She is a lot more jumpy than I expected her to be on trail. So much work needs to be done before she is trust worthy. Right now everything is scaring her including assorted wild life like hogs and deer. She has a large, surprise spook which is unsettling. When desensitizing her to stimuli she is very easy so I was surprised to see this level of reaction. I have been given a few suggestions which I will try. I'm going to give her this week off to to think on it, I believe. I'm back at trace working on trails Wednesday night but I think I will just take Dixie and Liberty this time and leave her home alone. Barbie is bringing Oly back Friday. I will start putting him back in the riding rotation. I have missed him. I would still like to sell Fiera. I have had in nibbles. She is started now. Someone should buy her.

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