Thursday, June 7, 2012

Indian territory

> The first of the two rides that we did was Indian territory. It is a
> rather rocky ride, in Oklahoma, near Tulsa . I love this ride! I have
> won in novice with all three of my CTR horses. I had no real hopes of
> winning with Liberty, but I figured it was worth a try.
> Peter had been asked to be a judge's secretary. He was the secretary
> for that judge, Pat Reiger. This was a job he had not yet done, but I
> thought he would probably enjoy it. I believe that he did have a good
> time.
> Dr. Pat is an obstacle judge. He does very little to check
> metabolically or soundness but sets up many elaborate obstacles. His
> most popular obstacle is to set up sticks one logs in varying sizes
> shapes in widths for the horses to walk or trot over. He takes points
> for each log the horses touch. Peter said that one horse hit five logs
> seven times. My horse only had two hits which equaled one point off. I
> don't recall any of the other obstacles being particularly
> complicated, but I do know that I lost my ride on a mount. Liberty
> walked off two steps from his mouth, which cost me two points. So we
> went for potential first or second place, to fourth-place.
> I ran the trail barefoot behind on Saturday, and I noted that liberty
> seemed a little more tender footed than usual. So Sunday I booted all
> four feet. The back boots stayed on for about 4 miles. The front
> stayed on all day, With the exception of the plain easy boot that I
> used on Sunday and came off in the mud.
> The big, important thing about Indian territory, is that it's just a
> lot of fun. We get there on Thursday, we watch a movie. On Friday we
> ride, on Saturday we ride, I'm Sunday we ride,… And then we go to
> dinner. Answer is a fair amount of drinking. It's just a great big
> memorial day party. I love this ride. I love it for the trails that I
> can't write any other time of year. I love it for the party that we
> have. I love it because we all stay overnight on Monday since it's a
> holiday. I don't think I will ever miss another one of these if I can
> help it.
> The other thing that made this chip special, was our friends the
> lineback's, were parked right next to us. We have gotten to know
> Marcy, Tammy and now Gary since the beginning of the year. Tammy and
> Marcy have been coming to region 4 Rides from Georgia. We have really
> enjoyed getting to know them.
> The other thing that made this ride with a special, was going to see
> Corry Key, and her husband Justin. We enjoy riding with Corry's
> stallion Zahlil. Zahlil is one of the most well behaved stallions I
> have ever had the privilege to now. He never talks to the mares, he
> rides quietly beside my gelding and mare simultaneously. We just have
> a lot of fun.
> It was also wonderful to see Kim Reinhardt. Her horse GMo text Aharen
> the voice of four stout. Here's the funny goofy horse. He in Dixie are
> good friends, and he tolerated liberty and Zahlil quite well.
> This blog post was dictated using Dragon dictation. I didn't proofread
> to find most of the errors, but you may find a few. They may even be
> amusing. I apologize for any misunderstandings that occur as the
> results of my dictation.
> Alice Yovich MA, MT-BC, LMT

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