Monday, June 11, 2012

Random tidbits

I had good news from the podiatrist today. I didn't need injections. Instead I got slip in orthotics and I'm having custom ones made in July. My foot is tons better. I also got a new night splint because the other one broke. Peter and I have been watching a you tube show called The Guild. Each season s about 1:30 minutes and each separate episode only 5-6 minutes each. It's fun. Peter took me out for sushi buffet. I ate way too much. I'm still stuffed. Peter took some photos of this cool od timey gas station in Turkey, Tx in April. He sent the prints to the owner as a gift and They in turn asked what he would sell the photos for and Peter gave them a number. Today he got the photos back in the mail saying he could use them however he liked but they would not buy them. He did not ask them to buy them, on,y giving a number after they asked. I think he's going to resend them emphasizing they were a gift. It was weird.

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