Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ho Hum

Today has been a hard day, and I couldn't even tell you why.  I got up and went to work like any other day, but my mood has been poor all day. I went for a walk with the dogs. I ate a healthy breakfast. I saw my groups just like usual. I saw a couple of extra people because one client was on vacation. It might have been because I have a client who hits and pinches and he was in full form today.  I had such a hard time redirecting him. His mother says he gets cranky in the summer because there isn't enough to do. Today I had to set limits on his behavior. During his massage we watched a movie on my ipad, till he couldn't stop tapping and hitting the iPad and I had to turn it off (I set a limit and he crossed the line) So, then he was mad at me for taking away the movie, but it was the right choice. HE wasn't resting or relaxing and it was a distraction, so it had to go. We listened to relaxing music instead, which was pretty boring for him, I guess. Then we did Music Therapy and I couldn't play my guitar because each time I would start to play a song he would get up to push buttons on the a/c or try to stick his finger in the light socket. If I stopped him from doing that, then he tried to get out the door. If he wasn't trying to do one of those two things then he was opening and closing another door directly into the path of the ceiling fan. And each time it crashed he laughed. 

So when I left his house, I was not in a great mood. Then I left his house, I had a call from my last client who said they couldn't be home by 3, our appointment time, but could I come at 3:30 instead...I couldn't. Then she said "well, maybe I can make it home by 3, but I won't know till 2:45 so I'll call I ran some errands, got grain for the horse, fed and waited for her to call. They weren't going to make it by 3:00, so I was done. 

Tonight I was to have left for Trace Trails to be there bright and early and ride at the crack of dawn. But my partners in crime can't make it till tomorrow, and the idea of camping all alone in 100 degree heat was unappealing, so I, instead, got everything ready to go and decided to stay home tonight. I will get up at 5am and leave. I warned Peter that I am in a bad mood. He is being kind and letting me just sort of chill out.

My week started wrong.  Maggie is at camp and I miss her. She had a friend with her, but her friend's mom picked her friend up from camp after the first day. I have found this turn of events unsettling.  The camp called me at 10:15pm telling me that her mom had come to get her. They didn't know her mom, only me, so they were making sure it was really her mom and to ask me why they would come get her when camp had only just started. I know the reasons given for why her friend went home, but I still feel unsettled.  I'm upset because her friend was given a scholarship to attend camp and leaving early means the gift was wasted and unappreciated.  I'm trying very hard not to be harsh, but I'm pretty upset that her friend's mom didn't talk to me before going to get her from camp. I think it's natural to feel nervous about your child going away the first time. (the first time I sent Maggie to camp, I went along and camped nearby and it was a good way to do that whole camp thing...of course, Maggie didn't need me one bit) It's a great camp and Maggie had a blast there last year. This was her friend's first opportunity to attend camp.  Camp is supposed to be a time for kids to be away from mom's and dad's. we're not supposed to talk to them for a week. If they need us, they will call us or the camp will find a way to reach us.  It's a time for kids to take care of themselves, rely on their peers for help and learn about themselves.   I have made an effort to apologize to the mom and grandma and make amends for my harsh attitude regarding her abrupt departure, but my apologies have been met with silence so far.  I would like for Maggie and her friend to continue being friends. I guess I wanted them to acknowledge that they had abused the gift and take responsibility for the actions that led them to pick up the child from camp 1 day in...but I also realize this is not going to happen.  I'm trying to be nice because I don't want to sever ties or make it hard for Maggie to be friends. I would like to think this can be smoothed over and we can move forward.  I don't want her friend to be concerned with any of this. I adore her and want everything to go well for her.  I'm just sorry she got caught in the middle of the situation. 

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