Saturday, March 22, 2008

Freeley is colicking

I have had a busy day today, unfortunately. Freeley has colic and I spent the day at the barn looking after him. It didn't prsent as a bad colic but it drug on all day so after many consultations with dr. Trish she came out to see him. Unfortunately it was a good call. He has an impaction and was oiled and is currently in the round pen for observation. I am at Jackie's house for the night since I didn't want to make the 30 mile one way trip to keep checking on him. All I can say is kudos to the stable hand who were astute enough to recognize the colic early and who called someone who spoke good enough spanish to be able to understand the problem and call me. I'm not sure the last hands would have told anyone or even noticed! I hadn't planned to come out this weekend and I could have lost my horse. Peter came out and took me to dinner and bought me stuff so I could camp out with Freeley. Then Jackie was nice enough to let me stay in her house. I am heading to bed now so I can get up and check him again in 3 hours.

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