Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Growing cobwebs

My husband says my journal is growing cobwebs and I needed to post something. I told him that I have had so much to write each day and then I keep forgetting to put it down so then there is so much to write about that it's easier not to write anything. Not to mention that I have spent a good part of this rainy day procrastinating finishing up some tax work and doing my notes for my job.

So I guess starting today and working backwards is less intimidating than trying to work my way forward, though the way I am normally I will probably bounce around all over the place.

I am currently sitting on the couch with my laptop listening to peter computer in the other room and waiting for my pizza hut pizza to arrive. I talked them into ordering a thin crust this time (my turn to choose) b/c they both prefer thick pan pizza and I have lost a couple pounds this week and don't want to completely undo my progress. We're going to watch American Idol, but I like to give it a head start b/c I hate commercials.

Today Maggie and I went to the chiropractor. She had a fall off of Freeley on Friday and was a little out of whack. I have had an ongoing headache for a few days and was really out of adjustment too. It was pouring rain all day today. We had to run errands and I went to look at a field that is for rent that I might want to move the horses to in the future. I like where I am now, but this place is so close to home I had to check it out. As it was, I just talked to the fellow who has it for lease, b/c it was way too icky to get out of the car and really check it out. But I have been through the field before, and I have time to really think on it before I have to give notice if I decide to make a move. There are so many reasons to stay put at my barn, but this place is so close to home, I just have to think about it...But I would be giving up trails down the street which is a big loss, but I can see my ponies every day if they are closer...just a lot to think on.

yesterday I tried to take a riding lesson on Liberty and didn't quite manage it. The wind was so fierce at the barn where I take lessons that we couldn't see to have a lesson so we just stood in the arena and talked. It was actually really good b/c Liberty stood really still for me and was really pretty mellow for me. i was pleased. When I took him to the CTR the week before (the weekend of the 8th of march) he was really good, especially for being so green, but he would not stand still. We finished just a little off of 6th, so no disappoint there!

This week will bring Maggie going to FL tomorrow for a week with her dad. She is all packed and very excited. I'm going to take Maggie and her dad to the airport tomorrow and see them off and then I have clients to see in the afternoon. I was supposed to teach a lesson tomorrow afternoon but I suspect that it will be too wet to do that!

Over the weekend Maggie had jena over and they had a good time playing games, and riding their horses. Peter brought my roses, which was very sweet. I still have them sitting here by the couch where I can see and smell them.

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