Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I just received the nicest email from someone in Shawn's family. Maggie is gone on vacation with her dad to FL. She is spending time with Meg and Lori and their extended family. I heard from her that on Sunday she was swimming in the canal and a manatee came up and swam and played with her. I can hardly wait to see the video! I will of course, have to post it.

I was just thinking about how much I miss her this week. She would normally be at her dad's tonight anyway, but I'm feeling rather nostalgic for her to come home and take her trail riding!

So, here is the letter that has made my year. I think that God has helped us find our way through this maze called parenting.

Hey Alice! I HAD to tell you how impressed I am with your parenting skills.

Your daughter is a complete joy to be around and you are doing a SPLENDID job with her. She's the most well-adjusted 10 year old I've ever spent any time with...She's just crazy about you, your husband and her father....and that is so nice (and rare) to hear. I wish the mothers I knew could take parenting lessons from you three. DON'T change a thing...YOU are doing
everything right!

She's articulate, patient, kind, funny, adventurous..just delightful. I know you are very proud of her, but I couldn't help but to tell you that you should be proud of yourself too! I'm grateful that I got to spend a few days with her.

I've attached a picture she wanted. She spent 6 hours one day playing with these two mongrels and loved every minute of it. The picture made her giggle, so I promised I email it to her.

Thanks! Mary

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