Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Starting a new routine

Since Christmas I have been turning over a new leaf of getting up and exercising. I haven't done it every day, but it's been better than I did before. I have been doing 15 minutes of the Fitness trainer that Peter got me, and then yesterday I took Frankie for a walk and did the fitness trainer. I have started logging my exercise and food into sparkpeople again. I have come to realize that even though I am now exercising, I'm not doing enough each day. I will be upping it in the days to come, but I suspect I will have to divide my exercise between morning and evening b/c I don't think I have time to burn enough calories before breakfast. Tomorrow I'm planning to get up with Maggie and go to the Y before school. This is all part of my goal for better fitness and weight loss so my poor horse won't be carting around so much weight. I'm thinking that if I do the cardio work every day during lent, it will become a habit. Someone told me I needed to take a day off, and I might find that to be true, in which case, I won't walk on Sunday...but since I usually ride on Sunday, I will probably make up for the walk. And, I think that I should walk every day. I don't think that's hard enough work not to do it.

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