Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a long day!

Today we finally had to put Cecilia, the little dachshund that Maggie loved so much, to sleep. She was older and she peed everywhere. We had tried medication, more crate training, keeping her outside, having her diapered in the house, but nothing worked. She had recently taken to digging out the fence taking Willie and Frankie with her (I'm sure Scooby would have gone too if he had fit through the fence hole) I hated to wrench her dog away from her, but I was just over it. Tonight has been blessedly scratching at the door, no stepping puddles, no barking at every little noise. I know Maggie is sad, but it had to be done. When I could count on her to stay put in the backyard, I was good, but when I couldn't keep her outside either, with her other health problems, I just knew it was time. We still have Willie, who at 15 doesn't have much time left either, but we're all good for now. Scooby's days are numbered also if he continues to be aggressive to the neighbor through the fence and to Frankie. I wish I could explain to Scooby that when I didn't realize it was really him causing the trouble I sent Frankie away (and am so blessed that he's returned)

IN other news...I really kept busy today, I drove 145 miles today from first client to last. The last was a really nice family that I would love to service in music therapy (I was just doing the assessment tonight) but it's just too far...I'd be in the car close to 3 hours for not a ton of pay and I won't be able to do it.

Tomorrow the hay guy comes in the am and then Maggie and I will be riding somewhere. I'm supposed to go to Susan's, but the addition of the hay guy to my day has changed those plans I' afraid. I just don't see how to cram it all in, plus write all my notes for the week, plus get everything else done. So, I will probably take it easy and then come home and catch up on my TV watching.

AFter this weekend, I"m booked for the next's going to get hectic. Next weekend is my still dismally empty Equine Touch clinic, the the Scamper, then the Women of Faith with my mom, the maybe another CTR in OK, then the music therapy conference, then a ride I can't go to, then Maggie being gone for Easter, then the Arkansas ride...well, it goes on from there.

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