Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Diet Challenge

I had a slice of pizza last night for supper, with a big salad and it was really, really good. I am finding that knowing I can have one meal, or one thing, or one bit of something tasty actually helps me. Feeling my clothes so much looser keeps me motivated to not completely derail. I'm learning that planning is of the essence. This weekend I have a ride where they are feeding the judges, of which I am one. I asked what they were eating. In the past I would have just gone with it, but now I know I have to plan, or get stuck breaking my plan. I found out they were eating hot dogs. I don't like hot dogs enough to go off my diet, so I'm going to eat lunch at a restaurant I really enjoy and then eat medifast food when everyone is eating hot dogs. Tomorrow they are serving breakfast and lunch and having a potluck at night. My current plan is to bring potluck food, but I may or may not eat depending on what they serve. I will probably eat lunch again and if breakfast has protein I may or may not eat breakfast. Sunday I'm not yet sure what I will do, but I probably will just eat my own food. Of course, the trick is to make sure I pack food for Maggie too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medifast Weigh In week 5 (one month)

I weighed for my 5 week/1 month weigh in yesterday afternoon. I lost 6 pounds this week. This was a relief since I had gained 2 pounds the week before. I lost those 2 again plus 4 more. I have a weekly average of 3.5 pounds (3.4 exactly) which they tell me is really good. They also did my measurements and I have lost 16.5 pounds.

Last night after weigh in, I decided to eat one thing I really like to eat. I settled on a bowl of popcorn...which wasn't as tasty as I had wanted it to be, but was still a nice treat. Today I'm hungry. I'm probably paying for carb overload from last night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horsemasters 2009

Maggie and I attended the Horsemasters ride in East TX. It was the last NATRC ride of the season as the Last Chance ride had to be canceled. I have mixed feelings about it being the end of the season b/c I added up points and it looks like I'm tied for 1st in the Novice Heavyweight division. If I had one more ride, I could possible win clear...of course, I might not even actually be tied for first b/c I might have added it up wrong, so I will wait for official word to roll in.

The ride weather was beautiful. Liberty and Dixie had a hard time separating. The trail wrapped back on itself, so about the time we would each settle our horses, they would see each other and go nuts. Liberty was badly behaved at the first P&R because he saw Dixie leaving...somehow, despite his bad behavior, he didn't blow his P&R. Maggie told me that Dixie was upset about being alone as well. She said that she had never been nervous riding Dixie, but this weekend, she was nervous about her behavior. She said they did OK till the end of the ride, when she inadvertently crossed the two mile marker before she intended, in front of the judge, and had to continue on. Her buddy that she had ridden with all day had left her (another difficult horse) and was having similar trouble. Maggie ended up coming in 2 minutes early, which is better than she had expected. She just hated losing the points.

Sunday we decided to ride together, which was mostly OK. Dixie was misbehaving some and at one point, Maggie sent me over the edge b/c I felt like she was being mean to Dixie. Someone else helped me with Maggie, after I had yelled at her (Maggie, not Dixie) and we repositioned some tack and got out of the woods, and got away from the stallion we were riding with. Something helped to fix her attitude because things improved from there. I was so embarrassed yelling at Maggie in public. I hate to punish her in public. It embarrasses me, and her, but it had to be done in this case. The day ended pleasantly and we had fun cantering through some fields just b/c we could.

The obstacles were all things I could do! There was a dismount and remount on the offside, backing through two trees (he backed through them even though he bumped into one of the trees) downhills, uphills, a huge log that we had to jump b/c he just couldn't get over it. In the end, Liberty not only placed first but Sweepstaked again! I was shocked. I had been thinking about how bad he had been fidgeting for the vet and just generally not behaving, but evidently he wasn't as bad as I thought. It's kind of a nice switch from the days when I thought I was really good, but wasn't :-) Now I don't' think we're good and we're OK. He's just such a tremendous horse. I'm so happy and surprised that the year turned out this way. I never would have believed he be this good at this sport. In the beginning I thought he'd be better suited for endurance, but now I think he's suited to do whatever we decide we want to do. I adore this horse. I am so grateful to God for bringing him into my life.

I forgot to post about Medifast last week. I didn't do so hot last week. With my birthday, I ate too much and gained 2 pounds. However, I think I will have lost it plus a couple more when I weigh in this week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pole Canyon wrap up

Pole Canyon Ranch in Quitaque, TX is my most favorite place I have ever ridden. It is just a gorgeous place to go (photos will be at Tierone Photos when Peter gets them finished) The rocks and the flat lands, the trees and the cows, the coyote and the deer all add to the rustic nature of this gorgeous place to ride.

The weather was just beautiful. It was chilly, but tolerable at night and sunny and just warm enough during the day. The obstacles were challenging, but very doable. Some of the obstacles were things I had been practicing "just in case" I was ever asked to do them in competition. For example: we dismounted onto a rock on the near side and then had to turn our horse to the offside to remount. I can successfully do this in reverse, but wondered how well I would do it the opposite way, so I had been practicing. All those off side mounts paid off.

Maggie and I rode together in the STC on Saturday. We both had really high scored and I was very proud of Liberty. We are consistently getting 8's and a few 10's instead of all 6's. I had the pleasure of riding with Jeanne Dover, a newcomer to CTR, though not at all a newcomer to riding. Her horse, Harley, was wonderful and paced well with Liberty. She said he could be hard to stop, though I confess, I never noticed it. I was once again tickled that I have a horse who listens to me so well. Once, while galloping across a field with Maggie, Jeanne, and another junior, I decided I was ready to slow down. So, I asked Liberty to walk...and he did. The girls kept on running and he just picked up a nice walk and walked on. This is probably his best feature! Now, to perfect more obstacles.

In the end, Maggie was the only junior who finished. Rachel, the other junior, had a lameness issue with her horse between 12-16 miles and had to pull, which was very disappointing. Maggie placed first, as a result. I placed 4th and Jeanne placed third. Annette Thurlow, who has had her share of terrible horse problems over the years won our division, her first time in level 1...Everyone was tickled for her. On the year end awards, Irene Henry was the Supreme Trail Champion and I was reserve with Maggie a close third.

On Sunday, I got to judge for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I thought carefully about what I was looking for, so that I could explain at the end what I was judging. Maggie was again the only junior and placed first again. I believe she has now passed me in the year end NCTHA standings and depending on what happens in the next few weeks with our rides, she may end up being the high point winner. Of course, the year isn't over till the end of December, and no telling what will happen, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather be beaten by than my own kid! Maggie is asking when she can ride with the adults, as she doesn't like always winning b/c there aren't any other kids. I wish that we could get more juniors to participate.

My eating wasn't as hot as it could have been this weekend. I did great on the trail and around camp, but Alanna, the ride manager, fed us so well. I took small portions and lots of salad and didn't overeat dessert, but I did have a lot more carbs than I have been used to. Now I'm going to have to 'detox' myself all over again...and that's hard. I don't have to weigh in till the end of the week though...and that's good.

One more ride in the NATRC season and then we have 2 more TTC's and we're done with that for the year. In November, I am looking forward to taking a little break, but the Christmas ride is the first weekend of December and I plan to start riding open at that point, so I can't take too much of a break.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pole Canyon Fall

Maggie, Peter and I are heading out to Pole Canyon Ranch tomorrow for a Supreme Trail Challenge. Sunday will be my first opportunity to do some simple judging...I guess that means my training will be beginning. I have a ton of stuff to do tonight before we leave, but the truck and the clothes are mostly packed. It's been hard to do much this week because I have felt so crummy. I came home from Missouri feeling OK, but then Wednesday morning I woke up with an upset tummy and terrible headache. So, I slept in and took yesterday off. I felt a little less crummy today, but still felt bad until about noon...then I started feeling much, much better.

I went to Medifast today and weighed in. I have lost a total of 13.5 pounds...4 pounds this week. I have been really good about my diet, but did eat the buffet food and some wine on Saturday night. I also had some popcorn this week. This weekend will be challenging b/c I'm going to eat Alanna's cooking (and her cooking is really good) So, I will eat my medifast food for breakfast and snacks and eat Alanna's food for lunch and dinner and exercise enough to burn off the extra calories. That shouldn't be a problem since we are going 20 miles.

My friend Dee is checking on the horses while I'm gone. I'm leaving them tack if they want to ride while I'm gone. I'm so happy to have someone to help me with the ponies. Fiera and Joe Bear will be alone and hopefully it will give them a chance to bond. I hate leaving her alone so Joe being back is a great addition to our little family.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Diets and driving

Travel is not condusive to eating right. After eating properly through lunch, i succombed to snacking on the road. Tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Liberty Hs class of 1984 reunion

I was amazed how few people I recognized at my HS reunion. I felt really terrible that I had to read so many name tags to remember who people were. Among those I though never changed were Doug Bishop, Amy Brown (Duncan), Rolland Yoakum, Sheri Mos...there were others but those are the folks I kept looking at thinking I would still know them 25 years later. Of course, I kept in touch with a few folks so I knew those folks as well. It was an entertaining evening and I was happy to see everyone.

I managed to mostly stay on my food program but did drink a little. Today I am back on plan.

Will be leaving Susan's for Columbia this evening so I can make the trip back in one day. It's too cold to want to camp.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent NATRC rides

We have had such a great NATRC season so far. It's been so much fun. i admit that it's also been tiring to go to so many rides, though I have been having such a good time.

Liberty is becoming everything I ever wanted in a horse. Now, I just have to become a better rider for him. If can learn to calmly open a gate one of these days I will be thrilled.

Liberty helped me achieve something I never dreamed of in the past: he won novice sweepstakes at Robber's route. I'm still on cloud nine about. Maggie was first in Novice Junior, me in Novice Heavy and I got the sweepstakes. one of these days I'm sure she'll beat me. Well, heck she did at the STC.

At the benefit ride this past weekend, I cost him points and I feel so bad about it. I didn't add my second pad b/c I didn't want to mess with it in the a result I rubbed all the hair off his loin. I'm so annoyed with myself. Poor Liberty!

I am not good at writing good descriptions of the entire ride unless I do it in process or right after. This week I feel too crummy to write anything really detailed and Robber's Route was 2 weeks ago.

On having the flu

This being sick business is absolutely no fun. Today I feel a little less hungover, but my breathing is worse. I'm wheezing quite a bit, but my temp is down. Maggie and I are both sick and doing no work today. She has a higher fever than me, but today we're both under 101, so that's a good sign. We're pretty sure it's the H1N1 flu as they say there are no cases of the "regular" flu already this year. I haven't gone to the doctor as they won't test you for it anyway and I figure there are sicker people at the doctor than at home, so I might as well just stay home. Tomorrow I will probably try to get her back to reading and do some light work. I hope to work a little on Thursday, though I confess to being torn since I'm leaving town on Thursday afternoon anyway.

I should also add the mailman won't deliver my mail b/c I have my trailer parked out front. I called the Post office today and told them I was ill and I couldn't move it till I felt better and please just deliver the mail. My best friend in MO is a delivery person and she says he's just being lazy and there is no reason he can't deliver the mail. I left a gap so that he could deliver the mail...and it's a walking route anyway. It depends on which guy is doing the delivering. Sometimes they will leave it, sometimes they won't. I'm hoping that I feel good enough to take it back tonight or tomorrow am.

Diet wise...I think that I have blown it this week. I'm still keeping my calories under 1000, but I have gained a couple pounds. This makes no sense to me. I rode 2 days this weekend. I ate on plan until the end of the day Sunday, but I still haven't gone over 1000 calories any day. I will have to get in to the center to weigh before I leave town for my weekend trip. I won't have enough food to make it through the rest of the week. I'm not sure what the problem is but I am discouraged. Hopefully I can get this back on track tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The flu

We all have the flu. We are all miserable. Peter is on the back end of it and feeling better. Maggie's temp has been as high as 104. Mine has been as high as 102.5. This am we're a little lower, but still miserable. This week is going to be a long one. Not sure when I'll be able to wor k. I have cheated on my diet. Not terribly, but yesterday I was so hungry that I did eat some real food. I doubt I ate enough to really hurt myself, but I won't be in a fat burning state anymore. Of course, as bad as I feel, I probably won't be weighing in tomorrow anyway.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I found out today that my belt could go up two notches. This is very exciting! I am also seeing how each little food choice makes a difference. It's ok to say yes to goodies sometimes, but it's better to say no more often. I also realize once again that I don't need as much food as I think I need.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day nine

Today I had to wait a long time between my morning snack and my lunch. I was so hungry, I could have eaten anything in front of me...but I didn't. I ate low carb, lean and green and I was very proud of myself. I think I like eating lunch or eating in the mid-afternoon better than I like eating supper. I stay satisfied from food when I eat lunch/dinner between 3pm and 5pm. Of course, I can't always do that, so I'm learning to adapt. Each day I'm amazed how I can be hungry and not lose my mind. I think having less carbs and no sugar in my life keep me from getting as hungry.

Maggie baked cookies for the NATRC potluck. I had her do it when I wasn't here b/c I didn't want to smell them baking. Chocolate Chip cookies are really a big weakness for me. I can more easily not eat one than I can avoid eating 5. Though, that said, people are always saying to me that once you give up sugar, you eventually don't miss it...I think they are lying.

Tomorrow Maggie and I will get up and pack to go to the Natrc Region 4 benefit ride. We aren't as prepared to leave as early as possible. I still have to buy hay, go to the store and pack the cooler.

Poor Peter is sick...running a fever, probably flu. Not the scary flu, just a little flu. We are hanging out in the office to stay away from him and his germs.