Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day nine

Today I had to wait a long time between my morning snack and my lunch. I was so hungry, I could have eaten anything in front of me...but I didn't. I ate low carb, lean and green and I was very proud of myself. I think I like eating lunch or eating in the mid-afternoon better than I like eating supper. I stay satisfied from food when I eat lunch/dinner between 3pm and 5pm. Of course, I can't always do that, so I'm learning to adapt. Each day I'm amazed how I can be hungry and not lose my mind. I think having less carbs and no sugar in my life keep me from getting as hungry.

Maggie baked cookies for the NATRC potluck. I had her do it when I wasn't here b/c I didn't want to smell them baking. Chocolate Chip cookies are really a big weakness for me. I can more easily not eat one than I can avoid eating 5. Though, that said, people are always saying to me that once you give up sugar, you eventually don't miss it...I think they are lying.

Tomorrow Maggie and I will get up and pack to go to the Natrc Region 4 benefit ride. We aren't as prepared to leave as early as possible. I still have to buy hay, go to the store and pack the cooler.

Poor Peter is sick...running a fever, probably flu. Not the scary flu, just a little flu. We are hanging out in the office to stay away from him and his germs.

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