Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent NATRC rides

We have had such a great NATRC season so far. It's been so much fun. i admit that it's also been tiring to go to so many rides, though I have been having such a good time.

Liberty is becoming everything I ever wanted in a horse. Now, I just have to become a better rider for him. If can learn to calmly open a gate one of these days I will be thrilled.

Liberty helped me achieve something I never dreamed of in the past: he won novice sweepstakes at Robber's route. I'm still on cloud nine about. Maggie was first in Novice Junior, me in Novice Heavy and I got the sweepstakes. one of these days I'm sure she'll beat me. Well, heck she did at the STC.

At the benefit ride this past weekend, I cost him points and I feel so bad about it. I didn't add my second pad b/c I didn't want to mess with it in the rain...as a result I rubbed all the hair off his loin. I'm so annoyed with myself. Poor Liberty!

I am not good at writing good descriptions of the entire ride unless I do it in process or right after. This week I feel too crummy to write anything really detailed and Robber's Route was 2 weeks ago.

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