Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On having the flu

This being sick business is absolutely no fun. Today I feel a little less hungover, but my breathing is worse. I'm wheezing quite a bit, but my temp is down. Maggie and I are both sick and doing no work today. She has a higher fever than me, but today we're both under 101, so that's a good sign. We're pretty sure it's the H1N1 flu as they say there are no cases of the "regular" flu already this year. I haven't gone to the doctor as they won't test you for it anyway and I figure there are sicker people at the doctor than at home, so I might as well just stay home. Tomorrow I will probably try to get her back to reading and do some light work. I hope to work a little on Thursday, though I confess to being torn since I'm leaving town on Thursday afternoon anyway.

I should also add the mailman won't deliver my mail b/c I have my trailer parked out front. I called the Post office today and told them I was ill and I couldn't move it till I felt better and please just deliver the mail. My best friend in MO is a delivery person and she says he's just being lazy and there is no reason he can't deliver the mail. I left a gap so that he could deliver the mail...and it's a walking route anyway. It depends on which guy is doing the delivering. Sometimes they will leave it, sometimes they won't. I'm hoping that I feel good enough to take it back tonight or tomorrow am.

Diet wise...I think that I have blown it this week. I'm still keeping my calories under 1000, but I have gained a couple pounds. This makes no sense to me. I rode 2 days this weekend. I ate on plan until the end of the day Sunday, but I still haven't gone over 1000 calories any day. I will have to get in to the center to weigh before I leave town for my weekend trip. I won't have enough food to make it through the rest of the week. I'm not sure what the problem is but I am discouraged. Hopefully I can get this back on track tomorrow.

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