Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pole Canyon Fall

Maggie, Peter and I are heading out to Pole Canyon Ranch tomorrow for a Supreme Trail Challenge. Sunday will be my first opportunity to do some simple judging...I guess that means my training will be beginning. I have a ton of stuff to do tonight before we leave, but the truck and the clothes are mostly packed. It's been hard to do much this week because I have felt so crummy. I came home from Missouri feeling OK, but then Wednesday morning I woke up with an upset tummy and terrible headache. So, I slept in and took yesterday off. I felt a little less crummy today, but still felt bad until about noon...then I started feeling much, much better.

I went to Medifast today and weighed in. I have lost a total of 13.5 pounds...4 pounds this week. I have been really good about my diet, but did eat the buffet food and some wine on Saturday night. I also had some popcorn this week. This weekend will be challenging b/c I'm going to eat Alanna's cooking (and her cooking is really good) So, I will eat my medifast food for breakfast and snacks and eat Alanna's food for lunch and dinner and exercise enough to burn off the extra calories. That shouldn't be a problem since we are going 20 miles.

My friend Dee is checking on the horses while I'm gone. I'm leaving them tack if they want to ride while I'm gone. I'm so happy to have someone to help me with the ponies. Fiera and Joe Bear will be alone and hopefully it will give them a chance to bond. I hate leaving her alone so Joe being back is a great addition to our little family.

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