Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow melting day

Today we are sitting here watching the snow melt. It's wet and sloppy

I'm working to return to my past state of serious eating and I'm making headway. We are giving up pizza at our house for lent! That will help me immensely.

Yesterday we ate Red Lobster when peter came home from his trip. I was proud of myself and had a lunch portion of Salmon with asparagus and I substituted broccoli for the rice. Of course, then Maggie and Peter wanted Pizza at night and I ate that b/c it was there. I'm not good at not eating the food I like if it's available! But, I did insist on thin crust and I'm sure that helped.

Today we opened a valentine's day box from Peter's folks and there was a bag of peppermint patties in it. Fortunately, they aren't my top favorite candy so I just had Peter take them and hide them for he and Maggie. Maggie's Aunt Sara made her an afghan. It is just beautiful. I can't believe how intricate it is!

Today she is doing schoolwork. We have gotten so behind that I make her do something almost every day. She's not working much at her dad's house, so I figure we have to make up for it on Saturdays. She's doing a language arts test right now. I won't make her do anything else other than read today probably.

Later we have to go feed which will entail slopping in the nasty mud, but it has to be done. We're talking about riding in the pasture since we're so starved for a ride. We won't be able to do anything but walk, but it might be fun to just get on a horse for a bit. We were supposed to be doing an endurance ride this weekend, but after all the snow and slop the forest service pulled the permit for the ride. I think they were going to try to have the ride anyway, so it's good that the forest service pulled the permit. It seems like a lot of folks were still trying to get there in spite of the crappy trails and roads. I'm not quite THAT die hard.

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