Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank goodness for a good set of snow boots

In Texas one wouldn't think of snow boots all that often. Last winter I bought a pair of heavy duty, water-proof boots from Land's End (my favorite clothing company) so that Maggie and I would not have wet feet riding in the rain. I never dreamed I would actually need them for snow. My toes have stayed dry and toasty throughout tramping through the field.

At the field there was so much snow on the electric fence it was touching the ground. Maggie is out in the field making her first full sized snowman ever. I took some photos to post later. She also through a huge snowball at me. She figured she'd better do it while she had a chance.

I was able to blanket the boys. Joe has two layers on because he was so pitifully cold. The girls were so wet that I couldn't blanket them. they will be fine, but Dixie looks so pitiful. They have a bale of hay and will be ok till we ca get out to feed again. It's Joe I worry aout the most. He was already a little thin and it's been colder than expected this winter. I wish that I had not let him lose so much weight this fall. I am comforted by the fact that he does seem to get about half his hay that he chews.

Next weekend I taking the young horses to the TTC as I want to take Tootie to camp. This way I can leave Joe with free choice one and only and hay pellets. That way I can pony Fiera before coming home and get her used to camping and Joe can have time to eat more. I have been getting out to feed 1-2 times per day but it's hard to give him enough time to eat before I need to leave...or I have to leave him locked up longer than he likes.

They are now saying we could have 10 inches of snow. I think we'll do schoolwork...only it's hard not to have a snow day mentality.

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