Sunday, February 7, 2010

Great NATRC regional convention

Maggie and I went to the NATRC regional convention in Oklahoma City, OK. We had a great time and the horses received their awards. I got to sing Karaoke and dance in a smoke free bar, which is always a pleasure. It was such a fun, and relaxing weekend and I got to see my best buddy, Amy Martin, who agreed to be my room mate even though I snore.

Peter is on a business trip this week and it's weird to be here without him. We often do things independently at home, but it's still nicer to have him in the house. Maggie is asleep and I will be going to bed in a few, but decided to watch Friday's ER that I recorded.

This evening Maggie and I watched 3 movies. We watched the Secret Life of Bees, Hotel for Dogs and Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog. They were all good. Secret Life of Bees was incredible, Hotel for Dogs was sweet and Dr. Horrible was oddly disturbing and funny.

I hope to accomplish some things this week. I plan to clean house from top to bottom, do some sewing, watch all my movies that are not movies that Peter would appreciate, digitize some pictures...anyway...I have a full list. The weather is going to be crap, so I won't be able to ride anyway, I might as well accomplish something else :-)

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