Thursday, July 1, 2010

The long ride

Today we rode for a long time. We had a goal to find something on the map that was kind of far away but armed with a map an compass (gps batteries died :-( ) we set off to find the falls. I will upload this map when I get home. It's not much of a map. It's not to scale and the trails have been marked with paint, ribbon and assorted odd numbers, none of which are in any kind of order. Still, it is a map and I had a general idea of where I wanted to go. We never did find the falls but we got close new thought we'd try to go tomorrow but after coming back we realized that Tonka would never make it and Dixie needs a light ride tomorrow. We did find a nice creek to play in and we stopped for lunch and several times to hike a non-horse trail so we didn't wear Dixie and Liberty out too much. It was a pretty ride. Maggie is in shower and I am grazing Tonka who stayed back today. She was a good girl and ate an drank well while we were gone.

I think tomorrow am we are going to sleep in and have a good breakfast and then go see Eclipse. We had wanted to see it while Karen was here but they were sold out till midnight last night and I'm not much of a stay up till midnight person. Of course the irony is that Karen and Maggie started watching The Natural and I got sucked in. At midnight when it was over, I was the only one atoll awake lol.

Yesterday was spa day and it was great but I will post on that separately.

We have had such a great time. I'm bummed that we'll leave in two days bi tried to talk Peter into joining us for the last two nights and staying an extra day but I think he's going to decline. He's leaving for Missouri at the end if next week so I'm sure two short weeks won't work for his schedule.

Tonight we'll get some supper and just be lazy.

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