Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful day

I had some friends over to ride today. The guy, Nick, has lots of riding experience and his girlfriend who was riding for her first time. We discovered that Dixie really isn't a good horse for beginners. She didn't do anything dangerous but she didn't really go any direction Ashley wanted her to go. Granted, we didn't give her tons of direction as we just wanted Ash to sit on a horse and get a feel for it. Dixie followed Olympus around or stood by the gate but she definitely reverted to her old ram through anything self. Olympus, under Nick, was mellow and confident and made Maggie think again that she might like him to be her horse, though that discussion has been tabled for now. I watched nick walk, trot, and canter him and realized how much fun he'll be next weekend at 7IL. Maggie rode

the first time today as well. We have been up an down off her several times recently but today was the first day we'd asked her to move. Mostly she'd take a few steps and then stop and look at us. We were able to move her around by moving her front end and back end. She walked in a few straight lines but using the side pull she wandered around at a slow walk first for Maggie then for me. She seemed very pleased to have a job. We were pleased that it went so well.

I rode liberty who isn't wanting to canter in the ring. This will be something to work on in my next lesson.

Alice Yovich
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