Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Projects

We are all involved in our many projects today around the house. We went to early church service, and then Peter and Maggie fed the horses while I went to the grocery store to buy groceries for the week. We had a rotisserie chicken, baked potato and broccoli for lunch, and I've made a pasta salad to eat with some leftover soup for dinner. I cooked another chicken in the oven which I will eat this week for lunches, and I took both carcasses to make some stock so I could make another really good soup either tomorrow or the next day.  I have another dish planned for later in the week. Since I work on Monday-Wednesday evenings, I do a lot of cooking on Sunday so that we have food all week and don't eat out. I had recently read that Dr. Oz recommends only eating out once per week because of the preservatives and chemicals in the food plus the higher sodium. It's pretty unrealistic that I can get through the week without eating out only once per week, but I have decided to make an effort to eat out no more than 1 time per day on the days that I'm driving around seeing clients for 12 hours. So, I have begun to cook things I can take in a cooler.

Peter is installing the dishwasher and Maggie is cleaning house.  We decided that she could do the weekly all over "home blessing" (as Flylady calls it) cleaning each week, and i would do the 15 minute zone detail cleaning that she hates to do.  When she has time to clean, she does a really great job and I would rather pay her than a cleaning woman anyway.

Yesterday we went to Benbrook and rode for a couple hours. We hadn't been out just the two of us in ages, so it was a pleasant ride. I let her pick the pace and Dixie was well behaved and Liberty was so laid back. Too bad he's not that mellow in competition.

I'm working on prizes for scamper and getting ready to start working on the taxes.  I have a couple of ebay things to mail and I'm getting that all organized too and planning to list some new things to sell. By the time it gets dark, we'll have accomplished a lot.

One thing that is frustrating me...I have begun to track my calories and exercise each day. I have been very careful to do it properly so that I am not cheating on myself...only I have gained weight instead of lost. I have been staying in my numbers most days and I have been exercising...just the scales aren't going down.

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