Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being Lazy

This week has hit me hard. I'm not really sure why, but I have been waking up with a headache. I felt better the day I used several doses of rescue remedy, so I keep thinking I should get up and go get some, but I'm sitting comfortably on my chair with a dog on my feet and I don't want to get up to fetch it right now.  I feel a little guilty that I'm sitting here relaxing with a dog on my lap, but then I realize how busy I have been and think that maybe this is just what I needed.  I have so much stuff I should be doing...prizes for scamper, etc., but right now, I'm really enjoying hanging out with Maggie finally getting caught up on Glee. 

The day started out grey, but nice's now sunny and very cold.  Maggie had fillings today at the doctor. They had to give her gas and everything. She has a really sore mouth now.  The dentist suggested I should not make her do school work today.  After the dentist we went to the field and put blankets on all the horses, which they seemed to appreciate.  Maggie was feeling a little more crummy than she had from work before. So I rearranged my work schedule to work tomorrow instead of today and I have been enjoying an afternoon of Glee with Maggie.

but, I have sooo much to, I have been working on sending marketing emails to people for my ride, the Girl Scout Scamper, making out raffle tickets, writing notes, catching up paperwork.  I have some hand sewing to do, etc. So, I have gotten to have a relaxing afternoon with my daughter and be productive at the same time.

Peter is home now and we're going to get steak for dinner.

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