Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been a heck of a day

First thing this morning, I spilled a cup of coffee into my iPhone. I actually have every hope that it will eventually be OK once it sits in rice overnight and dries out. It mostly works...I can listen to stuff through external devices, but currently the speakers don't work on the iPod part...And it rings and seems to work, but not as good as it could. At least I can talk and get my email even if the music part doesn't work. The tech support guy said he took his into the swimming pool once and it recovered, so I have every hope that it will be OK.

Then on the way to my pasture to meet the Equine chiro, the truck engine light came on...but it seems to have gone away, so I'm hoping it was a fluke.

Then we had the horses adjusted...Dixie is pretty out of wack..

Then I was supposed to go see a client, but he was home from school b/c of a cough. Between concern over the cough and my terrible day which had turned into a terrible headache, I begged off till tomorrow.  Hopefully he's not really sick and I can go tomorrow. I know that I am probably paranoid, but I figure if a kid has stayed home from school then they are probably sick enough that I don't need to go to their house. When I get sick I end up having to miss a lot of work.

So, then things started to look up.  I came home, installed Turbo Tax and an embroidery software program so I could redigitize my scamper design. 

Now we are all watching Castle together. It's just such a fun show.

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