Monday, January 3, 2011

First day back

Today has been a hard day back to work. I didn't get to bed at a good time last night so I was very tired today. I got some decluttering done and found that most of my patterns fit in a file cabinet drawer. I feel like I'm getting a cold but it's probably just tired and allergy.

Maggie started working with Dixie on some of the things Shea has taught me but it's hard to teach her and it's hard for her to feel the exercises done properly. I will probably let her have a lesson with Shea in the future but I hesitate. I like having something that is mine and I don't have the cash to to pay for two sets of lessons. I know what will happen if I start it. Maggie will be the one getting the lessons :-/. I know that makes me selfish but I like having something that's mine. They definitely need help communicating. And maggie definitely need to hear it from someone other than me but it's still hard to give up something I'm doing for myself.

I worked with Fiera successfully today using the same techniques from Shea. She did just great. She's going to be a nice riding horse.

Pockets is obsessed with Dixie and pretty set on not getting caught again. Could be a challenge to get him Friday morning. It's funny that he likes her so much because she's pretty mean to him. Makes us laugh. Pockets will come up to me but if I reach out to pet him he runs away with his ears back but the. He comes back to me again.

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