Friday, July 1, 2011


Today was my first day to bicycle. peter fixed the bike I bought from Amy Crane last summer and then never rode. He got the brakes fixed and the tires are new and improved. So, today, I wasn't feeling like the pool, so I decided to take out the bike and do that for the first time. It was so much harder than I expected. I rode for 26 minutes. I have no idea how far I went or how fast I was going.  I rode from the house, down the street, across Collins to the bike and walking path by the football stadium. From there I rode up to division and almost back to randol mill, but I couldn't make it up a big hill, so I turned around and went back at that point. I had to stop a couple times and rest for about 30 seconds or so, but I made it back home. I even rode past the group of dayworkers waiting for work that I have always been intimidated to walk by.  So, I only burned 3 points on the weight watchers scale of points, so I know i have to do some riding, walking or swimming or something else later today...but at least I got out there and did it.

I have been at it for 3 weeks now and this week has been hard to be as intense as I was the past two weeks. I find myself being tired this week and wimping out on the workouts a little. I have done my work out every day, but I haven't worked as hard.  I read in one of my books that the third week was the hardest one, so it could be that I'm just hitting that hump. After 21 days the exercise is supposed to become more of a habit.

In other news: I had someone ask me if I could watch their disabled family member in the mornings and I said yes. But when I gave my price of $10/hour, she didn't get back to me. I did say that I wasn't sure what people charged, so I was willing to negotiate, but she never replied. It may be too much money for them. But, I will be having to revamp my whole daily schedule and find a new time to work out (which is becoming important to me) so I don't feel the need to work for nothing when it's going to turn my schedule upside down. The other side is that I really could use the extra cash, even if it's not as much as I would like to have. I'm not sure yet which one is the best choice. I could come back and offer $8/hour and I could offer to do his therapy when I'm there on one of the days so they would only be paying me for three days...but then I still have to rework my schedule. I could sure use that cash in my debt snowball. 

Today I am seeing one client, but it's far away. Maggie is going to hang with her friend Abby and go swimming. Then I hope, since it's "only" going to be 99, we'll ride this afternoon. If it's too hot, we'll come home, have supper and go out this evening.

we had a great time last night playing with the new Glee Karaoke game.  We had a great time singing Glee songs with each other. I usually do really well on those games, but I was consistently flat last night and Maggie and Peter and Maggie kept beating me. We had fun anyway.

Maggie and I went to see Buck the Movie last night. It was so awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn't really a horse training movie, but it was neat to see how one of the most revered natural horsemen lives his life.

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