Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boot camp

Second time at boot camp went much better than the first. I made it through 75% of the ab work and 80% of the rest of it. I'm going to sore tomorrow so it occurs to me I may be swimming instead of running but I'll see how I feel in the morning. My food has gone better this week. I still have weekly points leftover. I weighed tonight which was a huge mistake since it said I weighed 220. This morning it said 216 which is .8 higher than last week. I am not eating extra because I am working out more. I should be losing weight. I'm starting to wonder if I need a doctor. This is just crazy. Maybe my muscle tone was so pitiful that it's tKing forever to rev up my metabolism. But this is just nuts.

My secret weapons have been 5htp and kon jac root. Both keep me from being so hungry. Maybe it's sugar? I still eat a treat within my points every day. It's just nuts.

I got up and did some riding this am. Sat on fiera while she grazed and did ground work with Liberty. Linda is coming to hang out for the weekend starting tomorrow. I like Linda. We are going to Teresa musgrave's to see out friend Toni off. She is getting divorced and moving to Ny state. I hate that she is leaving.

Alice Yovich
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Anonymous said...

You are still eating too much if you eat all of your weekly points. You'll need to eat only your daily points or less that your daily amount. WW works if you do it right.